Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park, located on the western border of Tanzania and the Congo. Gombe Stream’s main attraction is obviously the chimpanzee families that live protected in the park’s boundaries terrain is distinguished by steep valleys, and the forest vegetation ranges from grassland to alpine bamboo to tropical rainforest.

Gombe's chimps are the main attraction, but the park is also home to a troop of habituated olive baboons that can usually be found on the lakeshore. There are several other monkey species present, including red colobus monkeys, which are sometimes hunted by the chimps.

Gombe lies at the shore of Lake Tanganyika. The forest is lush and divided by 13 streams which run down the escarpment to the sandy beach. To swim out and look back at the way the forested slopes climb up the steep escarpment is an unforgettable experience.